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We aim to create a world where every student can engage in cross-cultural experiences. We started with Virtual Exchange programs, enabling students to explore global issues with peers worldwide, and have now extended to blended on-site exchanges.


Changes in attitudes of participating students

96% of students increased their interests in the partner school country
95% of students increased their motivations in English learning
97% of students increased their interests in global issues
Source: Feedback survey conducted with students participating in the Cross-Cultural Learning, TOMODACHI Program and SDGs Cross-Cultural Collaborative Learning, MOTTAINAI Program (August 2022 - October 2023)
Why AirPanaea
Trusted Proven COIL/VE* Framework

Our program leverages the well-regarded COIL/VE* method, honed over 10 years by global higher education institutions. In June 2021, we completed the VE design course from UNICollaboration, affiliated with the Erasmus+ VE Initiative in Europe. By September 2021, we were proudly accepted into the Japanese Society of ESD.
*Collaborative Online International Learning / Virtual Exchange

Ready-made & full support program

Our program removes the usual barriers teachers face in organizing cross-cultural collaborative learning. No special expertise, networks, or extra time is required. We find overseas partner schools, supply ready-made content, and manage all online sessions, ensuring a smooth and enriching learning journey.

Flexible and Blended Collaboration

Our program encourages communication and collaboration in small mixed-nationality groups, both asynchronously and synchronously. With the addition of blended on-site and online exchanges, students have multiple avenues to engage and contribute, enriching the learning experience.

Why schools introduce AirPangaea

Case Study

Cooperation by


72 students from Japan and Indonesia collaborated online for 6 weeks. Two classes from different countries implemented the program into their regular classes. 

スクリーンショット 2022-04-13 10.45.12.png

Cooperation by


16 students from Japan and Indonesia conducted 6-week online intensive collaboration. Students split into two mixed groups and performed great presentations.

Case Study for SeMuBBS4-B.jpg

Students' Works

What Students Say

I earned a lot of valuable lessons from this program. I learned how to work together efficiently with my team members and learned to have an open mind, listening to the different practices and perspectives of students from Japan."
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