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Become a Global Citizen
through Cross-Border

Collaborative Activities

Let's connect and learn together with people in the same generation around the world
Our Story

"AirPangaea" means the supercontinent Pangaea on the cloud. We are a private group that aims to contribute to creation of a world free from prejudice and discrimination, based on our global business experience.

In Sep. 2021, we became a member of
the Japanese Society of ESD.

About Us

Our Vision

We aim to democratize intercultural communication and create a world with diversity awareness, by linking students/schools around the world, regardless of their culture and socio-economic background.


We use state-of-the art technology that allows students to overcome geographical/ economical/ language barriers to meet new friends from different cultures, understand each other and learn new things together.

Who are we

How it works


1. Register

Sign-up AirPangaea free of charge with your information. 

2. Connect

You will be grouped into a cross-border team (2-4 persons) in the same generation based on your background and preference. 


3. Collaborate

Enjoy collaborative activities with your team for about one month based on the selected subject of interest.

How it works
Join Us
Girls in the Library

Join Us

Sign up to meet your new friends and begin collaborative work!

There is a 3-day trial period. If you feel uncomfortable, you can cancel the challenge.

AirPangaea is currently in a stealth mode so that there is a possibility that we limit the number of participants to maximum 200 from each country in order to keep our network well-balanced.  Thank you for your understanding.

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