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Case Study: Meisei & 1 Padang Partnership

​Japanese students from Meisei Senior High School, Tokyo, Japan collaborated online with Indonesian students from SMAN 1 Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia for 6 weeks, starting in January, 2022. Totally 72 students formed 11 small mixed groups and studied the conservation of natural resources based on MOTTAINAI (What a waste!) that Kenyan environmentalist Wangari Maathai, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, introduced  as a slogan for environmental protection.​

Cooperation by



Orientation Day

At the first day, each country students conducted icebreaking with school introductions and quiz to get to know each other. Although all students looked a bit nervous, they successfully delivered all items they prepared to the partner school.


Cultural Exchange

After the orientation day, all students were divided into 11 groups and conducted cultural exchange on the Group Discussion Board. Each student introduced their hobbies and their country's traditional items to the members from the partner school by utilizing colorful pictures and emojis.

ME-1P-Cultural ExchangeV2.jpg


Online Collaboration

Each group researched and discussed how familiar MOTTANIAI (resource-wasting) behaviors would impact on the Earth, by filling in the online worksheet asynchronously and confirming orally via weekly video chat. Although it was challenging to collaborate in English, most students enjoyed working together.


Presentation Day

Since the 4th week, each group had compiled ideas on the worksheet into a presentation. At the final day, all 11 groups successfully conducted presentations in English. It felt like every group become aware of common issues as global citizens and move forward for a better future.


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