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How It Works

Our collaborative learning is designed based on the COIL/VE* framework with the following 7 steps. (*Collaborative Online International Learning/Virtual Exchange)

Students will split into small cross-cultural groups (4-6 students per group) based on teachers'/instructors' advice.  Each group will be assigned to some tasks to complete step by step. Below is an example of the 7 steps in the MOTTAINAI Program.


Get to know each other

In each group, students are assigned to post some pictures on the Group Discussion Board, in order to get to know each other. Tasks are "share your hobby" and "virtual scavenger hunt". 


Read related articles

Students are assigned to reading articles related to the program theme, MOTTAINAI (What a waste!). Students are expected to be on the same page to proceed the program.


Share and compare your daily MOTTAINAI

In each group all students are assigned to come up with what behavior is wasteful in their society. They compare those to find similarities and differences between both countries.


Research and discuss impact on the Earth

In each group, students research and discuss which natural resources and how much are consumed in each country, and what impact would be if we continue the wasteful activities,


Come up with the idea to save the planet

In each group, students come up with and share the ideas of how we can eliminate or reduce such wasteful activities and the use of natural resources.


Compile ideas on the group presentation

Students compile their group ideas on the presentation by using Google Slides. It should include cultural findings as well as how they can conserve the natural resources.


Give a presentation

All groups give the final presentations and have a Q&A session. Audience can be not only teachers/instructors from each school, but also principles and related specialists.

If you want to see how group communication works, please click below.

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