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Case Study

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Online SDGs Cross-Cultural Collaborative Learning - MOTTAINAI Program

Meisei Senior High School, Japan & SMAN 1 Padang, Indonesia

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72 students from Japan and Indonesia collaborated online for 6 weeks, starting in January 2022. Two classes from different countries implemented the program into their regular classes to discuss the conservation of natural resources.

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Seikei High School, Musashi High School Japan & Bina Bangsa School, Indonesia

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16 students from Japan and Indonesia conducted 6-week online intensive collaboration, starting in September 2022. Students split into three country-mixed groups and performed great presentations about how we can save the planet.

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Seikei Senior High School, Japan & 
Bina Bangsa School, Indonesia

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10 students from Japan and Indonesia conducted 6-week online intensive collaboration, starting in January 2022. Students split into two country-mixed groups and performed great presentations about how we can save the planet.

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Nguyen Chi Thanh Gifted High School, Vietnam & Mapua University Senior High School, the Philippine

Two English clubs of high schools from Vietnam and the Philippines conducted 6-week collaboration, starting in March 2022. Totally 41 students split into 6 country-mixed groups and enjoyed online work for the conservation of natural resources.

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Students' Voices

  • Opened up my mind more with bright talented students around the world, learn language and cultural differences.

  • I enjoyed talking with the Japanese students more than I expected. It was interesting to be friends with people from other country.

  • It was definitely a new experience for me. I’ve never had the opportunity to talk to other students my age from another country, so it was very exciting. However I do feel disappointed with my performance for the final presentation, I feel I could have done better but I suppose we learn and grow. Aside from that, this program was very fun and had me looking forward to Wednesdays. Definitely would love another opportunity to do it again!

  • I earned a lot of valuable lessons from this program. I learned how to work together efficiently with my team members and learned to have an open mind, listening to the different practices and perspectives of students from Japan.

  • I’ve earned an experience that I would probably not get elsewhere, to talk with the Japanese students as if we are not thousands of kilometers away. I was also able to learn a lot about my presentation topic, Solar Panels and Solar Energy. Moreover, this program was a great platform for me to improve my collaboration skills.

  • Thankful for AirPangaea for giving us the opportunity to participate in this program. It went well and the facilitators are really nice and welcoming!

  • I learned a lot. It broadened my perspective on other countries and I'm more motivated to engage in international activities such as this.

  • I feel grateful to have learned many things during the program. To think of different ways to apply the Japanese philosophy of Mottainai, I feel enlightened to share my wisdom to other people and relate this to my daily life.

  • I just realized through this program about fossil fuels and their relationship with electricity. It's an eye opener.

  • I realized that I am not good in English as I have thought before. It motivated me to improve my English speaking skills.

  • Needless to say, the program was impressive to everyone and maybe the most important thing is that you created an amazing playground for us. Nothing needs changing or improving, congrats!

  • I'm just happy and grateful for providing us this opportunity and connection to know more about other cultures and collaborate with other students from a different country. I also really like the topic you gave us, which is Mottainai, because it is relevant and significant in today's society. I am very satisfied with the program. Please continue to democratize cross-cultural experience in school education. :)


Students' Works

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